technology Tribitor® combines high doses of standardized plant extracts.
Find out what makes this combination so efficient.

Tribitor - Clinically Proven Efficacy
Glycemic index

Tribitor® technology

Tribitor® is a patent-pending combination of plant ingredients.
It contains white bean, white mulberry and green coffee extracts standardised and confirmed
to have high amounts of active substances.

white bean

white bean


*units of inhibition of amylase activity

white mulberry

white mulberry


green coffee

green coffee

chlorogenic acid

Tribitor® has been clinically proven to help you reduce the glycaemic index of high-carb meals
and enjoy your treats with less consequence.

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With the patent-pending composition of Tribitor®
controlling the glycemic index of carbohydrate meals has never been that easy!

Tribitor® comes in natural citrus flavour, packed in 30-sachet box.
It’s a 1-month supply, when used 1x day, before the main carbohydrate meal.

Tribitor - Clinically Proven Efficacy
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